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Fitness goals.

I'm now in my late 20's, I've let myself go, I eat a bunch of sh** and in general, my fitness level is somewhere close to 0. The other day I was walking my dog on the field and had him off lead, it was late, there was no one around to distract him and he needs to be let free every now and then, so in the moment I was running about the field with him, changing directions to keep him occupied, and he's really good and comes back when I call so him running off wasn't a concern, but just in case I'd run in the opposite direction so he'd follow me.

For the whole 2 minutes this was happening, I got really out of breath, like really out of breath, and I get it, I'm somewhat overweight, I'm asthmatic and I don't exercise regularly so my body is definitely not used to doing something like that! But it got me thinking, and a little bit concerned.

My weight isn't something that really concerns me in a asthetic/vanity/body image kind of way, but this experience has made me really think about getting into some sort of shape, or at least to improve my fitness. I'm making it clear for right now, I'm not joining a gym, and I'm not doing some weird diet, my anxiety spikes just at the thought, but what I do want to do is move a bit more, maybe get back into dancing/dance training, and generally moving a bit more just to increase my fitness levels to a point where I can run around a field with my baby (dog) and not feel like my lungs are going to pop out my chest.

I have quite mild-severe asthma so I get it, it's never going to be amazing and I'm going to feel the effects, and to a certain extent, I might not be able to get as fit as I want to in what some may say a reasonable time (it might take some time is what I mean). But I feel this determination to at least improve my fitness levels, just for my health.

I'm not tracking this by calorie counting or weighing myself, for me, I get obsessive with things so I don't think it would be a healthy habit for me to track it that way so I'm going to do it all by feeling. When I feel the benefits, I'll know it's working.

In terms of how I'm going to be doing this, I'm going to be doing the daily walk with my dog, I will also be walking for slightly longer (still keeping to Gov guidance with corona atm), possibly introducing light jogging into a routine, and I've got an exercise bike in the house that I can use to increase the cardio, which is what I need to work on. I lift enough when I'm in work so I'm not currently looking into starting anything like that (at the moment).

And if you're wondering when I'm going to start this - right now. I don't see the point in putting it off until a Monday or the first of the month e.t.c.

I decided to make this into a post to hold myself accountable.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated..

Take care, stay safe.

James aka Anothermaleblogger.

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