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#AnotherBloggerSeries || How to grow your audience.

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When it comes to blogging, we all want our posts to go out there into the world and be seen, by as many people as possible, and if someone says they don't, they're lying. You can be doing this as a hobby or a career, but you still want what you've spent your time on writing to be seen by actual people.

So I thought I'd talk today about some of the ways you can get your posts to a larger audience, and ultimately keep growing your audiences and connect with fellow bloggers. There may be more than one of these posts as I continue my blogging journey, but for now I want to talk about "threads" predominantly on Twitter.

There's 3 types of "threads" I've seen. There's comment threads, follow threads and post threads.

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Comment threads, are really good if you like engagement on your posts, all I want to say is, if you wouldn't leave a genuine comment, don't. It's a good way to find other posts and bloggers, but I don't like the feeling of receiving a comment and then wondering if it's genuine or not.... it's a good concept for some, but for me, it's a weird one. I normally use them to find posts I would genuinely leave a comment on - so if I've commented on your post. 1. I don't expect one back and 2. I honestly wanted to say something and truly engaged.

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Follow threads, are what they say, you follow people, they follow you back - these can also be themed around twitter, your blog, pinterest, instagram e.t.c. These threads lead me to people, and I love finding people that I might not normally find. This is normally where I find people's blogs that I genuinely leave comments on. It's always good to connect with other bloggers, so I like to try and make use of these threads to find other bloggers out there that I can make a connection with.

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Post threads. These are good to grow your views and potentially audience with. You post your most recent post, and visit other peoples. These are my personal favourite kind of thread because there's no pressure in them, you don't have to do anything other than see who else is in the thread and if you like the look of someone else's post, you take a look, if it's not for you, you move on.

I've noticed that making myself active in these threads, my audience has increased, granted this blog is fairly new so any views are an "increase" at the moment, but if you actively participate in these, you will definitely see an increase compared to just posting your links out on your own socials.

These threads are a useful tool for us bloggers, and if you're new to blogging then they're definitely a useful tool to get yourself out there and make connections with other bloggers and to reach a larger audience. Please note though, you're not obliged to follow everyone in the threads, I think finding people you think you will genuinely make a connection with, or love their posts is a much better way to utilise these threads.

Obviously there are other ways to grow your audience, and we'll talk about them in another post along the way but I wanted to make this post focus on twitter threads. They're definitely something you should be looking into!

I hope you've found this post helpful!

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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